Trevor Goes To Africa

Cameroon,Nigeria,Ghana,South Africa

Name: Dr. Kingsley Enonjang

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About the Author

Dr. E was born in the S.W. Region of Cameroon. He grew up mostly in the S.W, N.W. and Littoral Regions. He went to school in Mamfe, Edea, Bamenda and the University of Buea (UB) where he obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Biology.

He moved to the US shortly after UB to continue his studies. In the US, he studied at Texas Southern University and the Houston Community College System before transferring to Midwestern University in Glendale, AZ to study Pharmacy. He graduated from there with a Doctor of Pharmacy in 2008. He has been a practicing Pharmacist since then.

His love for writing started in the US after taking a Public Speaking class. He started writing essays and short articles to critical acclaim from his peers. With time, his writing improved and he took on more challenging topics like the Struggle in Cameroon. He has also written many Inspirational Articles about friends and ordinary people he grew up with who had to overcome extraordinary odds just to get themselves to a comfortable place in life. These are inspirational stories about everyday people who would normally not receive any spotlight. He has published many articles and Poems on public platforms like LinkedIn and Medium.

Today, he lives in Raleigh, NC with his wife and 3 kids. He still practices as a Pharmacist. He also writes and tells stories publicly as an Inspirational Speaker.


About "Trevor Goes to Africa"

Take a trip to Africa with Trevor and discover what it means to be a pupil over there. Along the way, make some new friends, speak freely, push some boundaries, and ruffle some feathers with your new friends, all in a bid to contain an outbreak. Remember, however, that in Africa, they say, when you push a baobab tree, it most certainly pushes back and you might not like the consequences.

Why "Trevor Goes to Africa"

Our world is getting smaller every day. Communication has made places that were once considered remote, easily reachable these days. Kids around the world now have the opportunity to interact and learn about each other. Unfortunately, African kids do not always get the respect they deserve. It is time to shine a positive light on them and bring them to the surface by telling good stories about them.